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Dog Grooming Service

Using a Dog Grooming Service ensures a proper and regular grooming, which is important to the overall health of your pet. Clean and tidy family pets live healthier lives, and more joyfully. At DogGroomersShrewsbury we offer associated grooming companies which provide a complete range of Pet Grooming/ Dog grooming services. We provide associates who will provide a full-service capability that makes sure that your pet looks as great as it feels. Throughout this article, all references to “we” means our associated dog grooming services.

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Our skilled, trained groomers take pleasure in seeing your family pets at their absolute best nearly as much as you will.

As a complete canine grooming service from our associates may include, where stated as part of that associate’s services, for a feline stylist.

Our grooming associates provide a complete range of grooming services for all canine breeds.

We do all sorts of cuts and styles for our customers’ pet dogs. Whatever breed look you are trying to find, simply ask us.

For animals with dry, scratchy skin, our medicated baths have calming agents that stop the itching and allow the skin to recover. When your pet’s fur is truly clean and the skin is soft, we provide them with a professional cut, blow dry, and brush to remove any loose, matted hair. Our Grooming Associates guarantee that your pet’s coat will be shining and smooth.

Our dog grooming service objective is to make your pet comfy, at-ease, and pleased to be in our parlour throughout the grooming procedure while pleasing you with both the quality of care and the look of your pet. For a “Full Groom,” our groomers will likewise trim your pet’s nails, de-shed his/ her coat, and carry out an ear cleansing and hair plucking.

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We can likewise, if needed, express the pet dog’s anal glands.

Our Associates, unless asked to do otherwise, will style your pet’s cut generally in accordance with the breed standard, way of life, and other typical styling requirements. For other styling, the customer is required to inform the groomer on the day of the session of any other styling requirements that they might have. Whether you ask for a complete groom or a bath/brush, our pet dog groomers endeavour to utilise only high-quality products suitable for your pet’s skin and coat. In some rare cases the dog may not be suited to a product. If the owner is aware of any past canine skincare product problems in this respect, it is assumed that the owner will inform the grooming service before they accept the work.

A Compassionate Dog Grooming Service

At DogGroomersShrewsbury, we provide the sort of caring and thoughtful, individualised attention you just will not find in many standard grooming procedures.

We deal with each dog in its own personal space, and environment, to minimise tension and provide a favourable experience for your pet. We make every effort to develop continuous relationships with our dogs and dog owners, so that we can collaborate to keep your canine pet comfy, at ease during grooming.

While each pet presents the groomer with varying circumstances and a unique grooming task, you will find that our rates are competitive with other pet grooming services in your location.

Family pets that have actually not been groomed for prolonged time periods have unique requirements such as geriatric dogs . Others are experiencing behaviour issues. Grooming such dogs takes additional time and labour, and added fees might apply.

Our focus is quality, not maximising the amount of work we do. Every dog deserves our complete attention and as a good dog grooming service we always seek to provide that. Our focus is on compassion and comprehending your dog’s sensitivities with security and comfort being the greatest concern and our top priority.

A complete groom consists of clipping, and styling of your pet bathing with breed-type and coat appropriate hair shampoo and conditioner, nail cutting and filing together with ear cleansing. For long hair canines, we advise that a time interval of month-to-month for grooming sessions is best to start with. Subsequently, the groomer will advise on the time interval between visits, which will suit your dog’s coat and skin maintenance the best.

The Importance of Having your Dog Regularly Groomed

As a pet owner, you most likely already understand the value of having your pet routinely groomed. Apart from making your dog more appealing, a good dog grooming service likewise promotes health. Nevertheless, you most likely have not until now, given much thought about canine anal gland care. Most owners don’t up until there’s an issue.

Impacted Anal Glands

If you have a pet dog, you sooner or later usually will have to understand about your pet’s anal glands, together with some typical signs for impacted glands.

Your pet dog has 2 anal glands. To locate them, look a short distance below the anus of your pet. You’ll see one gland situated at about “5 o’clock” and the other one positioned at roughly “7 o’clock.” Inside each little gland is a brown, foul-smelling liquid.

For impacted anal glands and when appropriate, this is expressed during grooming for your dog’s comfort, and a reduction in potential odour.

More About Compassionate Dog Grooming

Absolutely nothing in the grooming experience, when good practice is followed, ought to be discomforting or bothersome to your canine. We have lots of pet dogs who are completely at ease with the grooming procedure. On the other hand, a number of the dogs we see have actually from their previous grooming experiences established grooming worries about it and have to be re-trained. Our objective is to have a pet that is relaxed and stands at ease while on the grooming table, and who enjoys coming to our parlour.

Do not take your pet dog to simply any old dog grooming service. You desire the very best you can discover for your amazing dog. Our associates’ canine owners do discover that after we have finished grooming their puppies, it is much easier for them to brush and keep their pet’s coat between parlour visits.

Our associate grooming companies believe that we have/ are the very best canine groomers in the area which means that our groomers can be depended upon to look after their dogs’ grooming requirements much better and more cost effectively than our competitors.

Canine pet owners trust us to do right by their pet dogs.

Environmentally Friendly Dog Grooming Products

We provide a good dog grooming service where we use only eco-friendly products for our grooming needs.


Image of Dog Shampooing at a Dog Grooming ServicePet grooming is typically considered by dog owners to be a choice instead of a need. Getting your pet dog washed, trimmed, brushed and pampered offers to produce a dog with a makeover and they do feel better for it. If you have actually ever observed a pet that recently got groomed, you might witness a really delighted pet that struts just a little! as they walk, as if to tell the owner, “take a look at me, do not I look pretty/ good-looking !” There is something really wonderful and crucial about getting your dog groomed regularly.

Apart from how your pet feels and looks externally, grooming is necessary for your animal’s health. Such a charming dog grooming service treatment assists in socialising your dog while likewise ensuring a close-watch for unhealthy skin or coat problems. Also, examining the teeth, gums, ears and eyes is an important duty which regular grooming ensure is done and done by experts in dog coat health. Cutting the nails preserves great posture so that your pet can stand and walk in complete comfort. The entire procedure offers numerous advantages far beyond the doggie glamour aspect of grooming. The gain in the charming looks of your dog offered by the expert grooming provided by a good dog grooming service, is also accompanied by a healthier dog.

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