Dog Ear Infections: How to Diagnose and Treat a Dog’s Ear Infection

In this article we have included two excellent videos about dog ear infections recorded by vets, The first is titled: “How to Diagnose and Treat a Dog’s Ear Infection” and the second is “How to Treat a Dog’s Ears for Infection”. We hope that these videos and our copies of the text will be useful to […]

A low grooming commitment black short coated puppy

A Dog Is For Life And So Is A Dog Owner’s Grooming Commitment

You are currently familiar with the art of pet grooming if you have a pet, but if not the following points may not have occurred to you. There is plenty to think about when you choose your dog, and this includes their look if you are thinking about buying a brand-new pet. It is all […]

Competitive Dog Grooming – A Growing Sport

Competitive dog grooming is an rapidly growing sport, especially in Australia. It becomes an obsession, it becomes a hobby, it becomes your life. This is a trade, like being an electrician or a plumber, but it is also a wonderful skill and people love watching it begin done skilfully. Here is what people who participate […]

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